Pro Tips

I often get asked how I have been able to stick with Flexible Dieting or IIFYM for so long, and other than the conscious decision to make this a permanent lifestyle for myself, I’ve had the help of other people, directly and indirectly, as well as a few tools.


  1. Arm yourself (and your kitchen) with tools you will use on a daily basis
    • Food scale
    • Measuring cups/spoons
    • Mixer of some type (hand, immersion, stand variety, or even a food processor/blender)
    • Sharp knives
    • Standard skillet(s) and sauce pan(s)
  2. Surround yourself with a support system
    • Immediate family
    • Friends
    • Social media – make your journey known and seek other accounts to follow for inspiration
  3. Keep a positive mindset and don’t throw in the towel if you “mess up”
  4. Consistency, consistency, consistency!
  5. Make notes of certain foods that are good sources of single macronutrient categories for those tough days
    • Protein: egg whites, sugar free gelatin
    • Carbohydrate: honey, syrup,  fruit juice, jelly beans, fat free fruit snacks
    • Fat: butter, coconut oil, olive oil
  6. Invest in a few protein supplements (powders & bars) to keep on hand for traveling or a quick fix
    • If you’ve checked out my Recipes/Blog section yet, you’ll notice most of my baked goods actually incorporate protein powder(s) to boost protein content 🙂

Once you have been tracking your macros for a while, the process will get easier and easier, and become second nature. Eventually, you will be able to gauge portion sizes fairly accurately and be able to go through your day with a more intuitive and knowledgeable pattern of eating in order to be more successful over time!